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About Courtney

Aloha! My name’s Courtney! I grew up in the Bay Area, yes right near beautiful San Francisco. I think living near a city inspires me in terms of the amount of varied designs, colors, and illustrations I like to use in my artwork. I started painting in high school, and loved doing this so much, that I went to an art college in Los Angeles for 4 years. I now have a BFA in Fine Arts painting and a minor in Creative Writing.

I became interested in bookbinding my final year of college, but I had been painting in acrylic prior to that. I felt that it was important for me to learn different techniques for making art, and I still like learning new things.

I currently live in the Bay Area now, pursuing a teaching credential in art. I want to eventually teach high school (or middle school…because middle schoolers are awesome as well). I love working with kids and helping them think and be creative. I feel that it’s beneficial to have a working artist in the classroom.

When I’m not painting or drawing, I love to read fiction and write poetry.


I have a website with images of my artwork and pieces of writing, CLJart.


3 Responses to "About Courtney"

I noticed your comment on impulsive buy about the demise of Dunkaroos. Amazon.com still sells them in bulk.

maybe this sounds weird but i think its awesome that you do bookbinding. and knit. i wish i had more time on my hands to do everything i want to do. i literally have a running list of things that i want to make more time for. and its so lame because reading more books is on that list too. my bf thinks i pretend to be busy, as if i like the chaos. i dont know but just somehow i cant find enough hours in a day to do more crafts. well you keep doing your stuff, its awesome. 🙂

Aww thank you! I just learned to knit the beginning of this year…I took one of those adult nighttime classes and have managed to make an entire scarf. It is time-consuming though…I also paint, though I have less time for it right now. Once I begin teaching, my Etsy life will have to take a sideline unfortunately.

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